Medical Records

Raleigh Radiology stores copies of all images and reports. Depending on the exam, copies may be provided electronically, on CD, or film. Referring physicians and patients can request records with proper authorization.

Requests should be made at least 24-hours in advance to allow adequate time to process your request. Routine requests can be made by completing the on-line form at the bottom of this page. Urgent requests may be called to Medical Records at the facility where your procedure was performed.

Procedures performed at:

Raleigh Radiology:
Blue Ridge and Cary

Raleigh Radiology:
Cedarhurst, Wake Forest, Clayton, or Brier Creek

Blue Ridge 919-781-1437 - Cedarhurst 919-877-5400 - Cary 919-781-1437
Clayton 919-877-5400 - Wake Forest 919-877-5400 - Brier Creek 919-877-5400