Breast MRI is a type of medical imaging exam that produces extremely detailed pictures of the breast tissue. Using a very strong magnetic field, radio waves, and a computer program, MRI creates images of

Breast MRI is generally recommended for:

  • Women who are at high risk for developing breast cancer—which could be due to family history or certain medical conditions—may choose to have a breast MRI.
  • Women with dense breast tissue may get a breast MRI as a complement to a regular annual mammogram.
  • Women who have breast cancer may get a breast MRI to help doctors plan for an upcoming breast surgery.
  • Women who have breast implants that may have ruptured.

Breast MRI Benefits

Breast MRI is a safe, noninvasive exam that does not expose the patient to ionizing radiation. It is very helpful in the diagnosis and staging of breast cancer, especially when other imaging studies like mammography or ultrasound do not provide enough information.

Breast MRI Risks

MRI is considered to be very safe and poses very little risk to patients. Complications are rare, and are most often due to a reaction to contrast material. Potential problems include an allergic reaction to contrast material, or nephrogenic systemic fibrosis, which may occur in patients with poor kidney function.

Your Breast MRI at Raleigh Radiology

While Breast MRI is a very valuable tool that can produce highly detailed images of the breast, it should not be a replacement for regular, annual mammograms. Breast MRI is best used as a complementary tool for certain patients. Talk with your doctor to find out if Breast MRI is right for you. And if you haven’t scheduled your annual mammogram yet, visit one of our 8 convenient locations offering digital mammography services.