Breast MRI

Breast MRI is a new imaging technique that is used for certain women at very high risk for cancer, whose breast tissue can’t be fully evaluated in the usual ways.


Breast MRI is a new imaging technique that is used for certain women at very high risk for cancer, whose breast tissue can’t be fully evaluated in the usual ways. In some of these women, clinical exam, self breast exam,  mammogram, and ultrasound alone may not give enough useful information.  MRI isn’t recommended as a substitute for screening or diagnostic mammography.

For women with diagnosed breast cancer, MRI provides enhanced detection in the breast known to have cancer and the opposite, or “contralateral,” breast. Surgical decisions should not be based solely on MRI findings because not all suspicious lesions on MRI are cancerous. Suspicious lesions should be biopsied before a surgery plan is devised in order to avoid surgical overtreatment. In the rare instances where cancer is found in the lymph nodes but not the breast, an MRI can find the location of cancer in the breast in nearly 60 percent of women.

MRI of the breast used in conjunction with mammography now offers an extremely sensitive image to help resolve the unknown or inconclusive result from a mammogram or ultrasound. This exam does require an injection of a small amount of contrast which enhances the areas within the breast and highlights any areas of concern for abnormality.

Who might benefit from Breast MRI?

  • Women with at least two first degree relatives, such as mother and sister with invasive breast cancer, when one of them was found before age 40.
  • Women with certain very rare genetic or medical conditions that cause a high risk of cancer.
  • Certain women with breast cancer, MRI can help plan surgery when it is not clear that the breast can be saved and full removal (mastectomy) might be needed instead.
  • Women with silicone gel implants to detect possible leaking of the implant.


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