CT Angiography

March 1, 2017

CT Angiography is a minimally invasive test that helps physicians to diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions involving the blood vessels. February is American Heart Month—and a great time to learn about CT Angiography and heart health.

CT Angiography provides very detailed images of the heart and blood vessels, allowing physicians to diagnose many heart conditions including:

  • narrowing of the coronary arteries
  • blockages in the coronary arteries
  • aneurysms or tears in the aorta
  • other heart problems like pericarditis

What to Expect During a CT Angiography Exam

A technologist will position the patient on the table and attach electrocardiogram leads to the chest to monitor the heart rate during the scan. Contrast material is used in CT Angiography to make certain body structures stand out on the images, and is usually given through an IV in the hand or arm. The time to complete the actual scan is very short and lasts only a few minutes. The patient may be asked to hold his or her breath for a few seconds in order to reduce motion blur on the images.

CT Angiogram vs Angiogram

A CT Angiogram, typically performed by an interventional radiologist, is a less invasive option that is appropriate for most people with an average-to-moderate risk for coronary artery disease. A traditional Angiogram, typically performed by a Cardiologist, is a more complex procedure that may be appropriate for people with known coronary artery disease. During an Angiogram procedure, a catheter is placed into an artery in the groin and can be moved throughout the blood vessels in the body. Both CT Angiogram and Angiogram use IV contrast material, which may cause an allergic reaction in some people, and could be serious.

CT Angiography at Raleigh Radiology

If you think a CT Angiogram might be right for you, talk to your doctor. If you have an elevated risk of developing coronary artery disease or certain symptoms suspicious of coronary artery disease, your doctor may recommend a CT Angiogram at Raleigh Radiology. Make your CT Angiogram appointment in Blue Ridge, Cedarhurst, Brier Creek, or Rex Hospital. Please call your preferred location for an appointment.

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