Congratulations to Dr. Mustafa Khan

for being recognized in the Triangle Biz Journal’s 2021 Healthcare Heroes


2021 Health Care Hero Nomination

Name: Mustafa Khan, MD

Title: Neuroradiologist and Chief Medical Information Officer, Raleigh Radiology

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Dr. Mustafa Khan is a highly-trained, self-motivated neuroradiologist with incredible leadership skills and clinical expertise. He is passionate about improving the delivery and efficiency of patient care – and works both within his group and throughout the community to enhance the care of patients suffering from injuries or illnesses that involve the brain and/or spine. “Everything I do is to further these two goals – to ensure patients receive the highest quality care and to streamline processes for clinicians through the use of performance improvement and advanced technology,” explains Dr. Khan.

When Dr. Mustafa Khan joined Raleigh Radiology in 2016, the group had approximately 20 radiologists and five neuroradiologists. Since then, the full group has more than doubled in size. Dr. Khan was tapped less than 12 months after he was hired to lead the neuroradiology section which has grown to nine exceptional neuroradiologists. In his role as section chief, Dr. Khan oversees the neuroradiology clinicians and imaging modalities (including CT and MRI), and leads the development of internal imaging policies and protocols. He was recently elected to Raleigh Radiology’s Executive Committee, a high-level group of Raleigh Radiology leaders involved in operations and high-level decision-making.

He served as a key partner for WakeMed Health & Hospitals as they worked to establish a formal Stroke Program designed to improve efficiencies and outcomes for patients suffering from a stroke – which has made incredible strides in the past year in helping patients get the imaging procedures and diagnosis they need faster than ever. Dr. Khan played an integral role in these efforts, both through his role as the neuroradiology section chief and in his new role as Chief Medical Information Officer for Raleigh Radiology.

As the practice has grown and evolved, so too has the need for advances in technology infrastructure and software. As radiologists, the work we do relies on highly detailed, high-resolution digital images. For years, Dr. Khan stepped up as an informal leader to help ensure Raleigh Radiology was equipped with the latest tools, platforms and infrastructure needed to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to advanced imaging.  As the practice’s IT champion, he helped establish weekly meetings with internal IT teams as well as the Information Services department at WakeMed, Raleigh Radiology’s hospital partner – all designed to improve efficiencies, quality outcomes and performance in the best interest of patients.

His recent partnership with WakeMed to implement a new technology platform has helped ensure that every incoming scan is automatically (digitally) routed to the most skilled radiologist in any given subspecialty, which leads to faster diagnosis and better outcomes. Similarly, he is currently working to help implement a new artificial intelligence platform that will help clinicians at WakeMed and throughout the community make faster and more accurate diagnosis and treatment decisions for patients suffering from life-threatening conditions such as stroke and/or aneurysm. In these scenarios, every second saved through the use of these advanced technologies can improve survival rates and prevent long-term brain damage.

As a clinician, Dr. Khan is a highly-specialized, highly-trained neuroradiologist who is frequently called upon by spine surgeons throughout the region when they have unusual or challenging cases. Dr. Khan will consult and partner with the surgeons to help determine whether operative or nonoperative management would be best for each patient based on his expert opinion.


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While Dr. Khan’s achievements have been many, his efforts in supporting improvements in stroke care for our community have been significant. Through his work with WakeMed and where he serves on the hospital’s Stroke Task Force, his efforts have contributed to significant reductions in the time it takes for patients with suspected stroke to get the imaging tests and diagnostic review/interpretation needed to move forward with the most appropriate course of treatment. As doctors say, “Time is Brain” when it comes to getting stroke care, so these efforts are saving critical brain function for the more than 2,000 stroke patients who come to WakeMed each year.

As a result of his efforts leading the implementation of new systems and technologies to improve efficiencies in these areas and others, Dr. Khan was recently promoted to the role of Chief Medical Information Officer at Raleigh Radiology.  This significant promotion and new role acknowledge Dr. Khan’s many years of informal leadership in the area of information technology and the critical importance of the work he has done.


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Dr. Khan’s work has led to numerous advancements and improvements in patient care and quality outcomes as highlighted above. Specifically, when combined with other initiatives designed to streamline exceptional stroke care, Dr. Khan and his teammates at both Raleigh Radiology and WakeMed have helped reduce the turnaround time for reviewing and interpreting stroke imaging studies by more than half – from an average of more than eight minutes to an average that falls between two and three minutes.  This is an incredibly impressive achievement that supports the continued improvement of the health of our community.  Since every second counts when it comes to stroke patients, his efforts are saving lives and improving long-term quality of life by protecting critical brain function through faster diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, Dr. Khan’s efforts have helped streamline Raleigh Radiology’s practices through the effective use of technology – allowing us to essentially interpret more imaging studies with less radiologists. As Wake County continues to grow exponentially, this will allow Raleigh Radiology to keep pace with this rapid growth while also improving the value of the care we deliver.


Brief Biography

Dr. Mustafa Khan is a neuroradiologist at Raleigh Radiology, where he has worked since 2016. Here, Dr. Khan serves as Chief Medical Information Officer, section chair for the neuroradiology team, and active member of Raleigh Radiology’s Executive Committee – all while maintaining a clinical practice where he is often called upon by spine surgeons throughout the community for his expert clinical advice.  Working with WakeMed Health & Hospitals, Dr. Khan serves as a key member of the hospital’s Stroke Task Force, where his efforts support improvements in stroke care for the more than 2,000 stroke patients seen at WakeMed each year.

Dr. Khan earned his medical degree from the Kansas City School of Medicine and his bachelor of arts degree from the University of Missouri. He completed his residency at William Beaumont Hospital, followed by a one-year fellowship in neuroradiology at Duke University Medical Center. He is a member of the American Society of Neuroradiology, the American Society of Head and Neck Radiology, the American Roentgen Ray Society and the Radiological Society of North America.

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Mustafa Khan, MD

Neuroradiologist and Chief Medical Information Officer, Raleigh Radiology

  • BA/MD, University of Missouri, Kansas City School of Medicine
  • Residency, William Beaumont Hospital
  • Fellowship, Duke University Medical Center
  • Certificate of Added Qualifications in Neuroradiology awarded by American Board of Radiology
  • Member, American Society of Neuroradiology
  • Member, American Society of Head and Neck Radiology
  • Member, American Roentgen Ray Society
  • Member, Radiological Society of North America
  • Native of Kansas

Joined Raleigh Radiology in 2016