Interventional Radiology

SPG stands for sphenopalatine ganglion, a group of nerves near the nose cavity that sometimes causes migraine headaches, face and head pain. This nerve group can be sensitized by infection, trauma, or other things, resulting in recurring pain.

SPG blocks have been reported to treat cluster headaches, migraines, Trigeminal neuralgia, Herpes zoster, Temporomandibular disorder, Nasal contact point headache, Vasomotor rhinitis, and more.

During this 5 minute, pain-free SPG block procedure, an Interventional Radiologist delivers lidocaine, a pain-reliever, directly to these nerves. Relief is often immediate and lasting, without the need for other injections or other medicines.

The Spenocath treatment by Raleigh Radiology is very low risk and has very high success rates. This pain-free procedure is safe for adults and children and is reimbursed by most insurance companies and Medicare.