Pediatric Radiology, Raleigh, NC


Pediatric Imaging

Fluoroscopy is a type of exam that uses short pulses of X-rays to create sequential images, as a movie.  Special contrast (dye) that is visible under x-ray, can be followed as it passes through organs such as the esophagus, stomach, intestines and urinary bladder. The dye is administered orally for Upper GI series, Esophagrams and Small Bowel follow through exams. If your doctor has requested a Contrast/Barium Enema, the contrast is instilled into the rectum through a small soft rubber catheter.

Most exams are performed with the child lying flat on a table and will be asked to turn into positions to acquire the best picture possible.  You and your child can watch the pictures on a monitor in the room and the Pediatric Radiologist performing the exam will be able to review the results with you.