Testicular ultrasound is a safe and painless imaging exam that uses sound waves and a computer to produce images of the inside of the testicles. There are no special preparations and regular activities may be resumed immediately after the test is finished.

Testicular Ultrasound is most often used to:

  • Evaluate a mass in the scrotum
  • Assess the scrotum after trauma
  • Diagnose the cause of testicular pain or swelling
  • Look for a cause of infertility, such as a varicocele

Testicular Ultrasound Equipment

  • Transducer – small, microphone-shaped tool that is placed on the part of the body being imaged.
  • Ultrasound Gel – clear gel that is applied to the area being imaged.
  • Monitor – as the technologist moves the transducer over your body, real-time images will appear on the monitor.

Testicular Ultrasound: How the Procedure Works

First, a technologist will apply warm ultrasound gel to the skin, which helps to eliminate any static or noise that may be picked up by the transducer. Then the transducer will be placed over the gel. The transducer emits high frequency sound waves, which bounce off of the structures in the body, and then collects information about the sound waves that bounce back. A computer uses this information to create real-time images of the inside of the body. Real-time imaging allows technologists and physicians to see organ movement and blood flow as it’s happening.

Testicular Ultrasound at Raleigh Radiology

Raleigh Radiology offers testicular ultrasound exams at 7 convenient locations throughout the NC Triangle area. Many appointments available throughout the day with Saturday hours at most locations.