When medically necessary, medical imaging tests, including x-rays, are safe for children. However, it’s important to note that x-rays for children are not the same as x-rays for adults; children are more sensitive to radiation. At Raleigh Radiology, experienced registered technologists utilize special pediatric techniques to ensure the lowest radiation dose for your child and every exam is read by a board certified radiologist.

Is x-ray necessary for my child?

X-rays, and other types of medical imaging, are valuable tools that allow physicians to see inside the body without the use of surgery or other invasive methods. Medical images help your child’s doctor make an accurate diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment for your child.

 Types of Medical Imaging

There are many different types of medical imaging, and each provides a unique view inside the body. Some types of medical imaging, including x-rays, fluoroscopy, CT scans, and nuclear medicine exams, use radiation. Ultrasound and MRI do not require the use of radiation. When possible, imaging that does not require the use of radiation will be used for all patients, including adults and children. Learn more about each type of medical imaging exam and how they are used:

  • X-ray is best used for imaging bones and dense tissues.
  • Fluoroscopy provides a “movie” of moving body parts or body processes.
  • CT scan provides detailed cross-sectional images, including 3D images, of internal organs, bones, soft tissues, and blood vessels.
  • Nuclear medicine is used to view the structure and function of organs, tissues, bones or systems of the body at a molecular level.
  • Ultrasound is best used to view soft tissues like muscles, internal organs, and blood flow in real-time.
  • MRI provides extraordinary detail of soft tissues within the body.

 Radiation Dose in Children

As with all medical procedures, medical imaging has risks and benefits. Radiation exposure is a risk associated with most types of medical imaging. However, the benefits of an accurate diagnosis far outweigh the risks associated with radiation exposure. At Raleigh Radiology, our experts ensure your child receives the smallest radiation dose necessary to obtain quality images. If multiple imaging exams are needed, radiation dose over time is carefully tracked and monitored at all Raleigh Radiology locations. Learn more about pediatric radiology on our website.