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Jason Harris, MD

Vascular & Interventional Radiologist
Executive Committee: Chief Medical Officer

Bachelor of Science
Brigham Young University

Master of Business Administration
Auburn University

Medical Doctorate
Harvard Medical School

Newton-Wellesley Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital

Fellowship in Vascular and Interventional Radiology
Duke University Medical Center

American College of Radiology
Society of Interventional Radiology

Joined Raleigh Radiology in 2008
Get to know us
Get to know Jason Harris, MD

Dr. Harris describes himself as someone who does not like sitting still. Whether working in the backyard, expanding his berry garden, tasting the most unusual dish at a restaurant, or hiking in the Himalayas, he is always on the move. Travel is his favorite way to find adventure, and vacations are rarely what most people would consider relaxing. "I can't unwind sitting on the beach. I unwind by hiking, scuba diving, immersing myself in a culture I've never encountered, and connecting with people I meet." He's convinced his family to share his vision, trekking to the Mt. Kilimanjaro summit in Tanzania and Everest Base Camp in Nepal with the oldest of his four kids, to the Galapagos with his second-oldest, and currently plans to explore Madagascar with his third-oldest and only daughter. His youngest son is dreaming of a trip to Antarctica. Dr. Harris's drive to always push forward and seek new horizons sums up his approach to his personal and professional life; it shapes his role as Chief Medical Officer at Raleigh Radiology. 

The changing market of medicine is challenging. “We have to navigate almost a brand new way of doing things every 2-3 years,” says Dr. Harris, “and there are many reasons for that. Not the least of which is new technology.” That is why he returned to earn his MBA; to stay aware of the business side and continue advocating for patients and medicine. He has been at Raleigh Radiology since 2008 and enjoys working with their ‘great group of docs.’ “We get along great, better than most groups. That’s because we have a shared vision,” Dr. Harris assures, “and Raleigh Radiology has a great vision based on patient-centric care.”  

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