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Gregory Hinn, MD

Musculoskeletal Radiologist

Bachelor of Arts
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Medical Doctorate
Bowman Gray School of Medicine at Wake Forest University

University of Virginia Health Sciences Center

Fellowship in Diagnostic and Interventional Musculoskeletal Radiology
University of Virginia Health Sciences Center

NC State University Athletics
Team Radiologist

Carolina Hurricanes
Team Radiologist

Joined Raleigh Radiology in 1995
Get to know us
Get to know Gregory Hinn, MD

Dr. Gregory Hinn has been an outdoor enthusiast his whole life. “The North Carolina forests in the fall,” he says, “is where you feel kind of small, and your worries disappear.” He had become enamored of the Pacific Northwest and was in Anacortes for a family wedding when the views struck him and his wife. “There's the water and islands and snow-capped mountains in July. We thought it was extraordinary and asked, ‘Why not move here?’” While that is a goal for the future, he loves what he does and looks forward to continuing to work with his patients. He finds his patients appreciate the time and attention he gives them during treatments or consultations. “When explaining procedures, such as joint injections, I make it a point to put aside anything other than that patient at that time, and I make sure the patient knows that too,” he says. “They should understand we have plenty of time for the procedure or any questions. I also try to keep it light.” He intentionally enters the room with the mindset to ‘slow down.’ “We have a very rapid and fast-paced practice, but he says, “You have to go from high gear to low gear when you go into the room with the patient.” Dr. Hinn has had the privilege of serving as the team radiologist for NC State and the Carolina Hurricanes of the NHL. When he started with the Canes, he used the word ‘privilege’ ironically because, as he was told then, “To do this, you have to love the sport because the effort is much more than any reimbursement.” You must always be available for the team and the orthopedist on their schedule, but collaborating with the team doctors was enjoyable. There was some stress, too, “Sometimes I would get a call before the ACC tournament, and what you say in the report can determine if the player is available for the tournament.” Still, he found it to be fun and a way to collaborate with the team doctors intensely, something he has always valued in his practice generally, and he got to see a lot of games. “I wouldn’t have been to game 7 of the Stanley Cup or had seats on the floor at NC State,” he recalls. “But,” he says with a smile, “I’m happy I do not do that now!” Dr. Hinn’s experience, patient focus, and expertise in musculoskeletal radiology are much valued by his patients, whether athletes or not, and equally so by his RR colleagues.

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