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Julie Taber, MD

Breast Interventional Radiologist

Bachelor of Science
Brown University

Medical Doctorate
Duke University Medical School

Internship in Internal Medicine
New York Hospital

Residency in Diagnostic Radiology
Duke University Medical Center

Fellowship in Mammography and Pediatric Radiology
Duke University Medical Center

American College of Radiology
American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine
Radiological Society of North America
Society of Breast Imaging

Rex Medical Staff
Former President

Joined Raleigh Radiology in 1993
Get to know us
Get to know Julie Taber, MD

Dr. Julie Taber considers herself an ‘outdoorsy’ person. She finds kayaking, hiking, gardening, and bird watching as a way to keep active.  She has traveled along the Appalachian Trail with a group of female friends and hopes to continue doing segments of the trail. Dr. Taber aims to stay active and fit through these activities, with the added benefit of allowing her the focus to succeed at work. Having worked at Raleigh Radiology for 30 years, she and her coworkers have developed a familiarity and closeness that provides enjoyment in working with each other.

She says her goal is to stay active and enjoy the outdoors through all her hobbies and activities, including finishing ‘section hiking’ along the Appalachian Trail and possibly traveling to Antarctica. At Raleigh Radiology, Dr. Taber very much enjoys her patients. “I like what I do; talking to patients and getting the work done to help people.” Patients appreciate her empathetic nature, and she feels she ”can talk to everyone, putting them at ease about upcoming procedures and when discussing difficult situations.” She finds it easier for her patients to speak with her because she is comfortable connecting with them. She enjoys the personal interaction with her patients rather than ‘focusing just on reading films.’ She has enjoyed working with her colleagues and looks forward to continuing to help her patients get the best health care from the compassionate professionals at Raleigh Radiology.

As the gold standard for screening and the only imaging tool proven to reduce breast cancer mortality, mammography is a technology that has evolved significantly over the decades. While 3D mammography has been around for nearly 10 years, radiologists still routinely hear the question, “Is 3D mammography really better than traditional digital mammography?” As someone […]
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